We test 12v coolers for this summer’s drive

Combicool RC 2200 EGP

Comment: Aluminum shell
Verdict: Dometics stylish aluminum box is large and heavy, but it is easy to forgive the weight when you realize that it is completely silent and holds a lot, including several standing PET bottles. The absorption technology allows it to be operated on either 12 or 230 volts as well as gasoline. The temperature is continuously controlled with a thermostat.

Cooling technique: Absorption

Volume: 41 l

Weight: 14 kg

Dimensions (wxlxh): 49x50x44 cm

Powered by: 12/230 V or LPG

Power: 85 W

Temperature after 14 hours: 3 ° C

Customer contact: 031-734 11 10,

Plus: Silent. Thermostatically controlled. Cools well. Recessed handle.

Minus: The cord holder stands out.

With an electric cooler box, you keep the food cold on the trip and avoid refrigeration lamps that leak and take their place. This is a part to keep in mind before the purchase because the boxes are available in different designs with large price differences. Here you will find everything from soft bags that can be carried on the shoulder to elegant cool boxes that can hold food for several days. The most common is that the boxes can be operated with both 12 volt car battery and 230 volt via standard electrical outlet. One of the tested coolers can also be operated with gasoline.